CMCoord Guidance

UN-CMCoord Support Missions to Iraq

CMCS Supports Establishment of the Humanitarian Operations Centre (HOC) in Erbil, Iraq for the Mosul Humanitarian Response

A CMCS staff member led the lean UNDAC Team that deployed to Erbil, Iraq on 3 October to 4 November 2016. The mission was to support the establishment of the Humanitarian Operations Centre (HOC) as a readiness measure for the Mosul Humanitarian Response. The humanitarian impact of the impending military offensive in Mosul City is likely to trigger a large-scale population displacement, requiring a fast-paced and complex response operation. Humanitarian clusters in Iraq and their partners have developed preparedness plans to respond to anticipated humanitarian needs. The HOC was designed to be a pace-setting mechanism in support of inter-cluster coordination analysis and response planning processes.

Processes and mechanism to enable a well-functioning HOC structure, including information management arrangements and Standard Operating Procedures for the HOC management, have been put in place. The HOC was operational on 08 Oct 2016 and started facilitating inter-cluster response planning based on likely scenarios. On 17 Oct 2016, the military operation commenced and the HOC was in full swing.

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