Insight from UN-CMCoord Officers

Five UN-CMCoord Officers share insights on their work (November 2015)

UN-CMCoord Officer Chiara Capozio shares insights on her work (November 2015)

UN-CMCoord Officer Viviana De Annuntiis shares insights on her work (November 2015)

UN-CMCoord Officer Dale Potter shares insights on his work (November 2015)

UN-CMCoord Officer Sophie Solomon shares insights on her work (November 2015)

UN-CMCoord Officer Alexis Kamanzi shares insights on his work (November 2015) 

UN-CMCoord Operations

Mohanad Mekki clarifies the humanitarian notification system for deconfliction (August 2018) 

Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordinator Kristen Petillon discusses his experience regarding coordination opportunities and initiatives in Somalia (October 2013) 

Mots de bienvenue, Mali. Sophie Solomon et Boly Diene (octobre 2013) 

UN-CMCoord Officer Donal Bracken (Irish Aid) deployed through OCHA surge to Jordan during the Syria crisis. In this video, he discusses his experience liaising with the Jordanian Armed Forces (October 2013) 

Deputy Head of Office for OCHA Sri Lanka Mark Prasopa-Plaisier discusses how to mobilize for an appropriate humanitarian-military dialogue (October 2013) 

Humanitarian Affairs Officer Alan Butterfield discusses negotiating access and advising on the use of armed escorts in South Sudan (May


Aissata Toure, Conseillère en sécurité pour CARE International au Mali, partage les défis auxquels son organisation fait face dans le contexte actuel au Mali (février 2014) 

Major Michael Percy, Deputy Commanding Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces DART shares his experience coordinating with humanitarian actors and OCHA in the response to Typhoon Hayan that hit the Philippines in November 2013 (January 2014) 

Humanitarian Policy Advisor Nicki Bennett discusses her experience with Emergency Response in Jonglei State (October 2013) 

General tips on UN-CMCoord

Civil-Military Coordination Officer Sophie Solomon discusses her five tips for setting up the UN-CMCoord function in Mali (October 2013) 

Advisor to the Humanitarian Coordinator and Team Leader in OCHA

Jordan, Carlos Abbas Geha discusses how to explain the Role of a UN-CMCoord Officer to the Humanitarian/Resident Coordinator (October 2013)

Military Instructor for the Irish Defence Forces Daniel Sheeran gives his top tips for humanitarian workers using armed escorts (January 2014) 

UN-CMCoord-related topics

Chief Training Officer Patrick Duah discusses Civil-Military Coordination in UN Integrated Peacekeeping Missions (UN-CIMIC) (November 2013) 

Humanitarian Affairs Officer Alexis Kamanzi discusses his experiences responding to humanitarian emergencies with OCHA's Associates Surge Pool (November 2013) 

Field Security Coordination Officer Gabriel Tibayungwa discusses the role of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) (November 2013) 

L'organisation mondiale de la santé en République Centrafricaine, Lubambo (novembre Ghyllain Demba 2013) 

Deputy CIMIC Officer Susan Mwanga (AMISOM) discusses CIMIC opportunities in Somalia 

CIMIC Officer Alhaji Kamara discusses AMISOM CIMIC Activities in Somalia (November 2013) 

Former Site Planner and Shelter coordinator with UNHCR Mark Brooking discusses the challenges and opportunities of working with the military and armed actors in the context of South Sudan (October 2013) 

National Logistics Officer Gedéon Gotti discusses the role of the World Food Programme (WFP) in the Central African Republic (CAR)

(November 2013)

Military Liaison Officer Roberto Mendoza discusses his role in the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) (November 2013) 

Military Instructor for the Irish Defence Forces Daniel Sheeran, and Staff Officer Plans for the Irish Defence Forces Kevina Kinahan discuss their experience as CIMIC Officers and offer their top tips (October 2013 & January 2014)

Ewa Turyk-Mazurek discusses working with the military in traditional peacekeeping operations as a Civil Affairs Officer for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) (October 2013)